Privacy Policy

This App is provided by Beau Nouvelle and is intended for use as is.

No personal data is collected or shared with Third Parties. No tracking, no cookies, no usage statistics besides those provided by Apples own built in analytics services will leave the app.

I'm 100% dedicated to keeping users information private and not in the business of using such information for advertising. All my revenue comes directly from the App Store.

Furthermore, if I can't review the source code, you won't find it my apps. So no third party frameworks like Facebook or Google SDKs, and definitely no Ad services. This is also why most of my apps are paid only.

If you had to create a user account, that information is held securely either through your own iCloud acount or my cloud servers. I do not use Firebase or any other third party (FREE) backend solutions to store your information.

It may so happen in the future that I will need to collect some anonymous usage statistics (if required for certain features). Should that day come, I will use a trusted (PAID) service that will not compromise on your privacy.

This is a blanket policy for all of my apps. Tracking software is gross.