How to dismiss keyboard on a multi-line TextField in SwiftUI

Another situation where SwiftUI falls short.

When using the TextField initialiser containing the axis paremeter, you no longer get access to onSubmit but because SwiftUI is sooooo gooood at giving you warnings when you've implemented something incorrectly, it's easy to assume all is well.

Sorry, but it's not. Here's the solution and it's stupid.

@FocusState private var campaignTitleIsFocussed: Bool

TextField("New Campaign", text: $, axis: .vertical)
    .onChange(of: { newValue in
        guard let newValueLastChar = newValue.last else { return }
        if newValueLastChar == "\n" {
            campaignTitleIsFocussed = false

How does it work?

Well, any time a new character is typed, we check to see if its a newline — user has tapped the "return" key. This appends a \n to the end of the string. We then remove this newline, and set the focus for that TextField to false.

Easy Peasy.